Prototypes are an invaluable tool in product development and a huge R&D cost that project teams often misuse. It’s hard to understand how project teams can discuss the best way to cut weeks down a schedule, but they overlook prototypes, which make up 10-30 percent of a R&D project’s budget and schedule. In addition, concept prototypes tend to be more costly because they become more complex or refined than required.

And to compound the problem, putting in that extra, unnecessary detail takes longer and causes the prototype release date to slip, which teams make up for by paying expedite fees.



Aside from supplying our clientele with premium quality products, our account managers are also trained packaging consultants where can also supplement efforts of in-house designers and engineers who may lack the experience necessary to identify, evaluate and implement new packaging strategies. Good ideas rarely develop in a vacuum; fresh eyes and a fresh perspective are needed to identify opportunities and develop impactful solutions that net real results.Consultants have seen all kinds of packaging in all kinds of markets, so they are able to provide insights that in-house packaging engineers and designers might not have.



Whether you’re choosing a call for a brand new product, provider or a logo, you want to create a differentiator out of your competitors. You want extra than only a call, shape and typography. Branding is set expertise the attributes that your audience appreciates in an enterprise and mixing your enterprise values and character with those attributes. The concept is to assignment what your enterprise is all approximately in a manner that might hook up with your audience.

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